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About Tractor Auctions

Looking to buy a used tractor at the best price? We can help! On this website we feature hundreds of second hand tractors for sale by private individuals across the UK.

All of the tractors listed on this site are sold through So why use this site rather than going directly to eBay? Well, what we do is filter out all of the incorrectly listed items, which means you don't have to waste your time searching through page after page of irrelevant listings. The result, is a much faster and cleaner experience.

We’ve designed the site it to be as simple to use as possible. You can browse models from specific manufacturers including Ford, John Deere and Massey Ferguson by following the links in the green menu located on the right hand side of each page. Or, alternatively, you can view all makes together by following the link in the top menu.

Whilst viewing the listings you can choose to display results by the time remaining until the auctions end, or by high and low price order.

New to eBay? Follow these simple tips for a positive buying experience:

  • Make sure you read the seller's buying and selling feedback - avoid anyone with lots of negative ratings.
  • Read the auction listing carefuly. If something about the tractor is unclear don't be afraid to request more information from the seller.
  • Consider arranging a visit to inspect the tractor before you place a bid.
  • Don't get involved into bidding wars - set a maximum price that you are prepared to pay and stick to it! Even if you miss out on a particular auction there's bound to similar tractors available.

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